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新加坡六合彩开奖结果听provides specialist visual branding solutions for new and existing schools. Welcome.

颁谤别补迟颈苍驳听补 new school logo design is one thing. Crafting a compelling brand story around your school's unique character is another. And building this is a marathon NOT a sprint. I describe the process as

Inspiring Journeys in 新加坡六合彩开奖结果 Branding


I am Craig Burton and my Educational Branding Consultancy, 新加坡六合彩开奖结果, has been providing 'One Stop Shop' specialist branding advice to New Zealand schools since 2008. My aim is to provide the kinds of solutions that school leaders are looking for whether it's a new 新加坡六合彩开奖结果 Logo, Values or PB4L Branding,听Ethos Model,听Mascot, Strategic Plan Poster,新加坡六合彩开奖结果 Prospectus or any other branding requirements. These are only a few of the many types of projects that I work on for schools.

Foundation 新加坡六合彩开奖结果 Principals and Board Members might be interested in my New Builds / Rebuilds page. There you will find new school build or rebuild branding examples with links to Case Studies containing further guidance and advice.

I hope that the information and examples shown act as inspiration for you to begin a school branding journey of your own. Jump in!

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Halswell 新加坡六合彩开奖结果's logo ranked 37th in

"I鈥檓 putting this one in there for all the thousands of school logos out there. Most of them, particularly for high schools, are snoozefest traditional crests or latin lamps that blur into cold wallpaper and can probably never be changed. Our primary schools, on the other hand, seem to be in the process of at least attempting to keep up with the times. Craig Burton seems to be on a single-handed mission to design new logos for every school in the country, and I liked this one as an example 鈥 bright, welcoming, and smart. I鈥檇 send my kids there if I was picking by logo."

Toby Morris, Creative Director
- The Spinoff

Recent 新加坡六合彩开奖结果 Principal Testimonials

Jamin Lietze Myross Bush 新加坡六合彩开奖结果 Southland NZ

"Craig came with a great reputation and he hasn't disappointed. Over the last year, Craig has worked with us to develop a mascot and create a new logo for the school. He is very professional and his experience with working with schools is obvious.

Craig listened well to our situation and desires and then went about in a timely manner, producing products that we are proud of today. I have particularly appreciated Craig's honesty guiding us wisely with his professional opinion to the excellent outcomes we have today. Thank you Craig."

Jamin Lietze (
Principal) - Myross Bush 新加坡六合彩开奖结果, Southland


"We are really impressed with the work that Craig has done. He listened to our situation and delivered a logo we are very proud of. Our community love the story behind the logo. Craig has been professional, responsive and his understanding of schools is evident in his processes. We have had fantastic feedback about our new logo and refreshed look. Thanks Craig for such a streamlined process and for understanding us!"

Rachel Ward-McCarten (
Principal) - Wesley Intermediate, Auckland


"We听really enjoyed working with Craig throughout our rebranding process. Craig was prompt and responsive to our requests. He listened carefully to our Boulcott story and what we wanted to achieve,听and effectively brought this vision to life in this design work. I would definitely recommend听Craig to other schools who are looking at a rebranding process."

Stu Devenport (
Principal) - Boulcott 新加坡六合彩开奖结果, Wellington

Alan Jackson Mt Eden Normal Primary 新加坡六合彩开奖结果 Auckland NZ

"Really impressed with the design process, and the time taken to understand the local context and priorities in what we wanted our logo redesign to capture.听The communication was great throughout, and the professional approach enabled us to achieve our goals and refine the concept really effectively.

I would highly recommend the service as a positive and creative design project that helped us move forward to define a fresh new look."

Alan Jackson (
Principal) - Mt Eden Normal Primary 新加坡六合彩开奖结果, Auckland


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I hope you enjoy looking around. Please contact me if you have questions relating to anything you see or any of the products I provide for schools.